MOTE - Multiplicity of the Erotic conference in 2021

May 2019 was the debut of a new effort, a new conference:  Multiplicity of the Erotic.  This is a collaborative project between organizations to promote clinical training and research on sexualities that are often stigmatized and marginalized.  CARAS is one of the organizing partners, along with PASD (Programs Advancing Sexual Diversity) at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and TASHRA (The Alternative Sexualities Health Research Alliance) in San Francisco.

The conference was a great success, with 110 attendees, and sponsorships from Russell Stambaugh, Ph.D., the Diverse Sexualities Research and Education Institute, Lifeworks Psychotherapy, and early to bed, inc.

The next conference will expand to two days, and happen in 2021.  Currently the plan is to move the conference date to sometime in the spring or fall, rather than Memorial Day Weekend.  More later!

You can check out the website for more information:

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