Membership in CARAS keeps you connected to researchers and work in the area of alternative sexualities, especially sexualities that do not get much attention, investigation, support or space in most academic and professional settings.

Membership includes access to research support and guidance resources, help in reaching out to alternative sexuality populations, mentoring, and assistance with research design and Institutional Review Board (IRB) issues.

Services offered by CARAS include:

  • Community Advisory Board review and endorsement of research projects. For more on the CARAS community advisory board see information on the Research Support Program and the Research Advisory Committee (RAC).  Community review and endorsement can go a long way in establishing one's project as high quality, and can facilitate IRB review at your home institution.

  • Mentoring of graduate students and professionals in both clinical and research areas

  • IRB review for projects that require compliance with federal requirements for human subjects research.  CARAS has a federally registered IRB committee.

  • Periodic updates on important trends and events in the field of sexuality research as it relates to alternative sexualities

  • Opportunities to present research in a variety of formats, forums, and platforms.


Professional Member   $50.00

Student Member   $30.00

Community Member   $30.00

Lifetime Member           $1,000.00   

Professional membership is limited to active or retired researchers and clinicians in relevant fields of study or practice.  The basic requirement for professional status is a graduate degree in a research or clinical field. Individual exceptions due to noteworthy contributions in an area of scholarship or clinical practice may be approved by the Executive Director.  Professional participants must use their legal names in organizational activities.

Student membership is limited to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students age 18 and over.  Students are considered "pre-professional" members and must use their legal names in organizational activities.

Community memberships are available to any person age 18 and over who wishes to support CARAS activities. Community members must provide their legal names and contact information in their application but may elect to use pseudonyms in all CARAS activities.

Lifetime memberships are available for Professional and Community members.